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ThumbThing™ Thumb & Wrist Support

ThumbThing™ Thumb & Wrist Support

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A proven solution to “throttle thumb,” the R.U. Outside ThumbThing has been a two-decade favorite and just keeps getting more popular.

  • Designed for carpal tunnel syndrome, it provides uniform compression without restricting movement
  • Four-way stretch neoprene creates warmth, which speeds blood flow and promotes healing
  • Ambidetrous (works for both hands)
  • Double wrist wrap and flexible support coil add support and help prevent injury
  • Fits easily inside most gloves, and is perfect for snowmobiling, skiing, ATVing, fishing, repetitive motion work, and anything else you throw at it
  • Put it on 15 minutes before riding for ideal results
  • Yes, it really does work

Feel what you’re holding onto, and do your thing with a thumb that finally works.

S/M (most women)
L/XL (most men); goes on either hand</p>

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